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Do you want to Live, Share or Build?

Do you want to Live, Share or Build?

Maybe you are thinking about using essential oils, or maybe you are already a fanatic when it comes to your oils and what you know about them and how you use them!  Most people fall into one of  three categories – they either want to simply use the oils (Live), they want to Share the benefits with a few friends and family members, or they want to Build a business and add to, or replace,  their current income.

Many people also transition from one to the other.  I was that way!  I began using the oils in my family and in my massage practice.  I was certainly never going to “sell” them!  Then I had people begin to ask me about them and how they could get an oil or two.  I began to share.  Time went by and eventually I realized I was actually building a business and hadn’t even known it.  What began as a very part time venture eventually grew into something neither my husband nor I could ever have imagined.

I’ve heard it said that if most people had an additional income of $300 – $500. more per month their lives would be changed.  It would make a world of difference in their way of life.  I know for us that was true.

The other day my husband was going through some paperwork.  He came across a pay stub from 8/5/2010.  It was in that $300-$500. range.  I remember those days and how that money brought in some much needed additional income.  Since then we’ve been abundantly blessed ~ so much that sometimes I find it hard to believe. Our lives have been changed physically, emotionally and financially.

I am on a mission to help others.  If you are looking for direction, or wanting an opportunity to grow as a person and/or grow a business, I can help you!   I love people and I am blessed to work with people from different walks of life.  Our Essential Synergy team is made up of people that I’ve known since my childhood and people that I’ve just met.  Some I have yet to meet.

Come join us and together let’s make a difference! Contact me and let’s see if we are a fit.