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Come and be a part of our Essential Synergy team! Maybe you want a healthier lifestyle, or you want to know how to deal with some of those crazy emotions we all get once in awhile.  Some people want to learn how to supplement or replace their income. Join us and let us teach you what we're teaching so many others!

Being a part of the Essential Synergy team means you will join forces with other team members who can support you in your journey. Do you just want to learn how to use lavender essential oil? Maybe you want to teach classes and share how you love these “gifts of the earth.” How about creating an additional source of income? It’s all up to you. The only thing we ask is that you come from a place of honesty and integrity. Work with us, learn with us, and have fun with us! Become a part of a larger family that is changing the world a drop at a time.


It seems today that many people need additional income. They work so hard and sometimes get so little in return.  Maybe you feel like we did awhile ago.  It seems that all we did was work to pay the bills.  Life revolved around our work schedules.  Family vacations took place during the few days we had off each year. In many homes, when there is a child who is not feeling well,  the parents have to decide who will stay home from work to take care of their precious little one. Has that ever happened to you?

Let us teach you how residual income can change your life!

We were tired of the traffic, stress and worry. Together we've worked to put that behind us and we've learned how to share with others what has worked for us. Let us show you what we’ve done to be able to support ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Join us for the journey of a lifetime!


You'll be amazed at just how easy it is! Just follow these three, simple steps and you can build your own business, work for yourself, earn great residual income, and LOVE the way you feel along the way!

Everyone using essential oils must first learn how to use them and live with them. The oils will become a part of you if you let them. Sometimes all it takes is just taking off the lid!
You’ve lived with essential oils now and maybe you have a relative or friend who wants to try them. Go ahead and share! Think of how blessed you are because someone shared with you.
Maybe you’ve been thinking you’d like to create a business of your own. How about some additional income? This is where we can really help you and direct you as you continue your journey!

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