Frozen Yogurt Bars

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Frozen Yogurt Bars

Do you ever just need a pick me up? Want that sweet treat that’s not too bad for you? Our daughter made these for us Sunday night. They were quick and easy and so yummy! It’s going to be summer before we know it and they would be a wonderful treat.

10 1/2 graham crackers broken into quarters

1/2 cup chopped banana

3 –  5.3 oz containers of greek yogurt with fruit – we used 2 Chobani strawberry and 1 Chobani blueberry

1 cup frozen whipped topping – we used one that was more “natural” than some others out there

Line 9 inch square or an 11 X 7 pan with foil that extends over sides. Arrange half the graham crackers on the bottom in rows.

Combine chopped banana, yogurt and whipped topping. Spread over grahams and top with remaining graham crackers.

Freeze 4 hours. Use foil “handles” to lift from pan. Cut between graham crackers into bars. Let stand 5 minutes before serving.