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What is so different about dōTERRA?

You may be wondering why we've chosen to use dōTERRA Essential Oils. There are many reasons. Most importantly it is because of the quality of essential oils that dōTERRA has.  These oils are carefully sourced and harvested. dōTERRA makes sure that simply we have the "Best of the Best." Each batch of oil is tested for purity. There are no pesticides, herbicides or fillers.  Most of these oils have a supplement box on them which indicates they are safe to use internally. Of course we always want to be smart.  More in not necessarily better. 

In our home we feel safe using dōTERRA.  We get results. As a family we feel empowered and that we have choices in supporting our health. They are cost effective. They save us time. They work. 

We didn't start out wanting to share dōTERRA, but that is now our journey. So many people have benefited and we feel called to let others know. We just began using the oils in our home and in Christine's previous massage practice. Then people started asking about them and wanting to try them. It began simply and effortlessly. Now this is what we do. We share dōTERRA with others. By doing so we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. It's been a journey that we will ever be grateful for. 


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