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Gardening Tips

Do you love to get out in the garden yet hate dealing with those nasty bugs? There’s nothing like fresh tomatoes or a salad made with fixings from your garden. However, something just seems off when you know that pesticides have been used. We all know they’re bad for us, but what can we do? Try using essential oils instead! Put a few drops in a spray bottle of water and spritz away! No pesticides, toxins or anything else but mother nature’s essential oils and your wonderful handiwork. Feast away!gorgeous bridalbouquet ideasfor your-2

July special!

We love these roll ons. They are so great for little ones in your home that may have more sensitive skin. They are also wonderful for taking along with you when you travel, in your purse, or in your gym bag. And who doesn’t love to get things on sale? During July these are 10% off.  Be sure and get yours now! Head over to our Contact Us page to connect!@bloggingbarefoot-11