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How to Brand Yourself for Life

How to Brand Yourself for Life

Recently I attended a class where we talked about “Branding Ourselves”.  For most of us this was about  finding  a way to let people know how they could benefit by working with us.  I work with a lot of people and I feel it’s important for a person on my team to know what they can count on from me.  But I’ve been thinking about this more and more.  I think it’s also important for people to know how they can count on you to show up in life. 

I think most of us “Brand” ourselves whether we realize it or not.  Who do we want to show up as?   We may have many different roles and they often come together to make us who we are.  Mother, father, employee, spouse, child, educator, lover, etc.  Maybe we like some roles better than others. But our roles are only part of the equation.

How do you want people to know you?  Take a moment to write down some of your strengths.  It may help to think about how people would describe you or what you are passionate about.  How do these strengths help those around you? If you are compassionate, how does that help those you come in contact with?  What if you are a peacemaker or a musician? Take some time.  Contemplate.  Be gentle with yourself and know that you can do what no one else can.  You are a combination of wonderful attributes that come together to form a unique you.  Treasure and love who you are ~ then go share with the world!