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5 Reasons to Take a Walk

5 Reasons to Take a Walk

Where do you like to walk? Sometimes I just take a walk around my neighborhood, but when I’m traveling I like to find new places to walk.  This picture was taken last year as I was visiting my sister in South Pasadena.  The South Pasadena Children’s Memorial & Healing Garden is a place that people can come and reflect.  It’s peaceful.  Even though I’d visited South Pasadena many times over the years, I would’ve never known about this garden unless I went on a walk.  I love the trees, the colored benches, and the quiet.  There is a special spirit there.

So, what are 5 reasons we should take a walk?  How about the following:

1.  You can experience new places and/or people.

2.  You get moving, if even for a few moments.

3.  It gives us time to clear our heads.

4.  It can get us out in nature.

5.  You are doing something good for you.

If you haven’t taken a walk lately, try it.  Where I live it’s getting a bit warmer, but I know for a lot of you it’s still cold. That’s OK – find somewhere inside to walk.  There’s always the mall, but how about a Museum or a community center?

To me there is no “right” or “wrong” way to walk. Sometimes I like to walk alone and sometimes I like to have a walking buddy.   There are days that I will walk for just a few moments and other days that I’ll go on more of an adventure. The times in my life when I’ve been consistent in walking have been so beneficial.  I feel so much better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Walking has been associated with improved mental health, increased energy, lower stress levels, and even better sleep.  Those are things I believe we can all use!

Enjoy the days when you can walk. On the days that you can’t, be grateful for your ability to do so.