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What does being empowered look like for you?

What does being empowered look like for you?

Sometimes I hear people talk about finding their niche in life.  They will say “find your passion”  or “focus on what you are really good at.”   I’ve wondered “what am I good at?”  or “what is my passion?”  I think I’ve found it – at least for now!  I want to be empowered and I want to help people who want to also become empowered.

What does that mean to you?  I think for some people it means being able to do what you want, when you want. That’s what I used to desire. I think for others it may mean to be the best person they can be whether that be for their family, their spouse, their employer, or themselves.  For someone else it may mean achieving a dream or helping others.

When 2015 began I saw a lot of comments on Social Media talking about what a great year this is going to be.  We are now almost to the end of the first month.  Is there something about this year that is different for you?  I believe that a lot of it is up to us and what we determine to set our minds on.  It’s sometimes hard to think about the possibility that we may be a lot more in control of our circumstances than we acknowledge.

I’m determined this year to take more time for myself.  I want to find things that I enjoy and take the opportunity to really explore them.  Recently I’ve been drawn to photography.  Just got myself a new (used) DSLR camera.  I’m taking a photography class and even going to a Wildlife Photography presentation this afternoon.  Doing things for myself helps me to feel empowered!

What is it that makes you happy and excited?  I believe that if we pursue what makes us “tick” that we will enjoy the journey of this life much more than if we follow someone else’s dream for us.  Look inside yourself and think about it. What can you do today that will bring you joy and empower you on your journey?


5 Suggested Meditations

5 Suggested Meditations

Last year I was able to visit the Self Realization Fellowship Hermitage & Meditation Gardens (Swamis Gardens) in Encinitas California.  I was visiting my daughter and had some free time.  There is no cost to visit these gardens (donations are welcome) and a friend suggested I go there.  What an experience!  I loved my time there and enjoyed the quiet and beauty that were all around.  People sat in various areas in quiet meditation.  Some just walked.  I remember a mother with her young child.  They were trying to take a “selfie” and I offered to take their picture.  Sometimes we just need to do that.  How often will that opportunity come up again for them?  Selfie’s just aren’t the same as when someone takes the picture for you.

I know I need to mediate more often.  Sometimes I get distracted and think I just don’t have time.  It really isn’t about taking too much time – even just a few minutes will give us many benefits. I read an article a while ago and, with the author’s permission, would like to share some of her suggestions.

The article was titled “5 Essential Meditations That Will Change Your Life” and was written by Deborah Chalk. In the article, Ms. Chalk gives us 5 suggestions if we are looking for a “purpose” for our meditation.  They are: Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self-Worth, Abundance, and Loving-Kindness.  She writes “It wasn’t until I started experimenting with more focused meditations and developed a real, consistent practice that things began to shift in a profound way.”

To read the full article, click here:

I hope that you will take time to meditate.  You can decide what works for you and what doesn’t.  Maybe it’s not going to happen every day.  Think of the changes you could create if you even meditated once a week.

Here’s to happy and peaceful meditations!





Do you want to Live, Share or Build?

Do you want to Live, Share or Build?

Maybe you are thinking about using essential oils, or maybe you are already a fanatic when it comes to your oils and what you know about them and how you use them!  Most people fall into one of  three categories – they either want to simply use the oils (Live), they want to Share the benefits with a few friends and family members, or they want to Build a business and add to, or replace,  their current income.

Many people also transition from one to the other.  I was that way!  I began using the oils in my family and in my massage practice.  I was certainly never going to “sell” them!  Then I had people begin to ask me about them and how they could get an oil or two.  I began to share.  Time went by and eventually I realized I was actually building a business and hadn’t even known it.  What began as a very part time venture eventually grew into something neither my husband nor I could ever have imagined.

I’ve heard it said that if most people had an additional income of $300 – $500. more per month their lives would be changed.  It would make a world of difference in their way of life.  I know for us that was true.

The other day my husband was going through some paperwork.  He came across a pay stub from 8/5/2010.  It was in that $300-$500. range.  I remember those days and how that money brought in some much needed additional income.  Since then we’ve been abundantly blessed ~ so much that sometimes I find it hard to believe. Our lives have been changed physically, emotionally and financially.

I am on a mission to help others.  If you are looking for direction, or wanting an opportunity to grow as a person and/or grow a business, I can help you!   I love people and I am blessed to work with people from different walks of life.  Our Essential Synergy team is made up of people that I’ve known since my childhood and people that I’ve just met.  Some I have yet to meet.

Come join us and together let’s make a difference! Contact me and let’s see if we are a fit.

Meditation and Essential Oils

Maybe you are thinking you don’t have time to meditate. I know sometimes (more often than not) I am guilty of that. My day starts off busy and then it seems like it never slows down until I’m too tired to even give meditation a thought. However, on the days that I take a few minutes at the beginning of my day (and I mean just a few) to quiet my mind and be still I find that my days are better. I seem to get more done and I seem to be more in tune with things and people around me. Meditating can give you increased focus and may help to reduce anxiety. Add a drop or two of Frankincense on your Third Eye and connect with your higher power.

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2015! Can you believe it’s already 2015? It seems as we talk to people and view comments online that so many people are excited for this year and what they plan on accomplishing. What are your plans for the year? We’d love to hear what you want to make happen in 2015! Feel free to comment below!